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The emotive OTX/PTX-Viewer Firefox Addon gives the user the opportunity to view and analyze single OTX files as well as whole OTX projects (PTX) in a very easy and convenient way without a lot of requirements and installation effort. The only requirement is the wellknown Mozilla Firefox Browser. The following section describes the installation and usage of the OTX/PTX-Viewer.


  • Load a PTX or OTX files
  • Display a graphical overview about an OTX project (PTX) with all Packages, Documents, Procedures and ProcedureCalls.
    • Click at a Document/Procedure and the document/procedure will opened in an new tab
    • If available a tooltip shows the specification of an element
    • Click at a ProcedureCall and the related Procedure will highlight
  • Displaying of detailed information about the PTX content (index.xml)
  • Graphically displaying of all OTX nodes in the same design like in OTF
  • Displaying of detailed information about the OTX/PTX content (Simple View, Detailed View)
  • Displays also unknown (userdefined) OTX extensions


  1. Mozilla Firefox 29.0 or higher, see Download Firefox]
  2. Viewer setup file: OtxViewerFirefoxAddon.xpi


The usage of the viewer without valid license is only allowed for a time limited evaluation purpose or in a non productive environment. To install a license do the following:

  1. Contact emotive for a new license. You will get a license file.
  2. Install the license file via the button "Add License..."


The installation is very easy. After opening Firefox you have 3 possible ways:

  1. Drag and drop the Setup file (*.xpi see above) to Firefox
  2. Right click at the Setup file (*.xpi see above) and select "Open With" Firefox
  3. Double click at the Setup file (*.xpi see above) and select "Firefox", if the extension XPI is not already associated with Firefox.

First Steps

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Click on toolbar button Icons OTF.png, or Select Tools-> Ptx Loader. A new page will loaded.
  3. Click on button "Browse..." and select a OTX or PTX file

Release Notes

Describes main corrections, changes or enhancements of the OTX-Viewer version history. To download the newest version please go to the License Portal.

Hotfix from 21.04.2015 Version

Feature: Remember the last position of a procedure
Bug: Wrong interpretation of activities
Feature: Displaying RequestPdu of ExecuteDiagService
Feature: Restore detail/simple mode

Hotfix from 21.03.2015 Version

Bug: Some elements are hidden in deep structures
Feature: New PORSCHE installer without licensing
Bug: Wrong interpretation of activities
Bug: Wrong display of EventsSources
Bug: Wrong comment in ListCreate activity