OTX Procedures data model

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Name Procedures
Short Description OTX procedures data model
Class OTX Core
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-2


A procedure (Procedure) represents the executable part of a OTX document. You can be the entry point of a OTX runtime environment or the target of an invocation with a procedure call activity.


  • Name
    Within the OTX document unique name
Exclamation.png Important: The name "main" has a special meaning. A procedure named "main" is used as the entry point for the OTX runtime environment.
  • Specification
    Description of procedure
  • Visibility
    • Private (Standard)
    • Packa­ge
    • Public
  • Implements
    Indicates a Procedure Signatures, which is implemented by this procedure.
  • ValidFor
    Refers to a Validity. The procedure is not performed when results for the term of the expression of Validity False.

Checker rules

Core_Chk008 Public main procedure
Core_Chk053 No dangling OtxLink associations
Core_Chk026 No duplicate validities for procedures implementing the same signature
Core_Chk027 Procedure parameters match signature parameters
Core_Chk013 Correct referencing of validities
Core_Chk007 Have specification if no realisation exists

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