Otx-Viewer OTF extension

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The following section describes the installation of the Otx-Viewer and the necessary components of the installation.


  1. Open Test Framework.(Optional)
  2. Browser : Ie32.png IE 11 or higher ; Firefox32.png FireFox 29.0 or higher. (Required)

Settings for Otx-Viewer

Options 1: With OTF

       1. Select menu File -> Options.
       2. Select tab General and roll down to XSL Stylesheet Support tag.
       3. Click on button Adapt all documents to embed stylesheet in all documents. Otherwise : click on button Clean all documents.

Options 2:

       Use href header in Otx File. Example : HrefExample.png

Otx File Viewer

1. To view otx

      Right click Otx file and select Open With the browser .
      Or Double click Otx file if otx file is associated with special browser.

2. Features of Otx-Viewer

      Please refer Otx-Viewer features