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Welcome to the User Documentation

The EMOTIVE User Documentation provides instructions, solutions for possible questions and tips for using our products and all related standards. Please select one of the main topics below for further information.

OTX Product Family
OTF.png OTF - Open Test Framework

Professional development environment for generic tester solutions 100% standard compliant (OTX, ODX etc.)

OTXViewer.png OTX Viewer

Graphically view and analyze OTX projects (PTX) as well as single OTX documents just in a Browser (Firefox)


Supports programmers for browsing, editing and validation of OTX projects (PTX)

OTXRuntimeApi.png OTX-Runtime-API

Supports programmers for browsing, validation and execution of OTX projects (PTX)

OtfLicensing.png Licensing

Licensing of our software products

OTXReference.png OTX Reference Guide

Provides information about the Open Test Sequence eXchange format OTX (ISO 13209)

VehicleDiagnosticsHelp.png Fundamentals of vehicle diagnostics (Grundlagen der modernen Fahrzeugdiagnose)

Provides information about the fundamentals of modern vehicle diagnostics (German only)

Support.png Product Support

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find some gaps, errors or if you have any further questions.