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Name OpenScreen
Short Description Creates and displays a custom screen at runtime
Class Action
Extension OTX HMI extension
Group Custom screen related actions
Exceptions ScreenException
Checker Rules Core_Chk053
Standard Compliant Yes

OTL Syntax

Hmi.OpenScreen(ScreenVariable screenHandle, OtxLink screen, {ScreenArguments[ ] arguments}, Boolean modal);


The OpenScreen creates activity and displays a custom screen at runtime. The screen will be displayed immediately and can accept user input. If other screens are already open when the new screen is opened, the test application shall ensure that the new screen is not hidden by other screens.


Name Data Type Class Default Cardinality Description
Screen OtxLink - - [1] This attribute contains a name which points to a ScreenSignature which contains a parameter description for the screen that shall be opened.
ArgumentsList ScreenArguments - - [0..1] This simple container element represents a list of arguments for an open screen call.
Modal Boolean Value false [0..1] This option tells the runtime system to make this screen modal or non-modal.
ScreenHandle Screen Variable - [0..1] This optional element represents the variable which shall be the handle for the opened screen.

OTL Examples

/// Signatures

package HMI.ScreenSignature ScreenSignature1(ref Integer ScreenInOutParameter1);

/// Global Declarations

public procedure main()
        /// Local Declarations

        HMI.Screen ScreenHandle1;
        Integer Integer1;

        /// Flow

        HMI.OpenScreen(ScreenHandle1, ScreenSignature1, {ScreenInOutParameter1 = Integer1}, false);

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