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Name Validities
Short Description Boolean expressions to determine validity of elements
Class OTX Core
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-2


An OTX document may contain a list of so-called Validities (German Gül­tig­kei­ten), which are needed for the Validity Concept in OTX. A Validity is a Boolean expression defined at the global level. It is used to configure workflows according to their runtime environment.

Icons Note.png Validities can be defined across documents. It is recommended to define Validities for reuse in a central OTX document.

A Validity can be bound to the ValidFor property of the Actions, Groups and procedures. At runtime, the element will be executed only if the value of the Validity is True.


  • Name
    Unique name throughout all global scope identifiers in the same OTX document.
  • Specification
    Description of Validity
  • Visibility
    • Private (Standard)
    • Packa­ge
    • Public
  • Expression (Term)
    The condition for the validity contains a global constant or a context variables or any compound Boolean expression.

Checker rules

Core_Chk007 Have specification if no realisation exists

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