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Name Imports
Short Description Reference to an OTX document
Class OTX Core
Pre-Conditions -
Specified by ISO 13209-2


Within an OTX document, the references to other OTX documents, which are called as imports in OTX, may be defined. With the aid of the references, global names from other OTX documents can be imported into the current document. The following global names can then be accessed within the current document:

  • Signa­tu­res
  • Validities
  • Global constants
  • Context variables
  • State variables
  • Pro­cedures

Exclamation.png Important: All objects above of the imported documents can only be accessed according to their Visibility!


When importing an external document, the following parameters must be specified:

  • Packa­ge (required)
    Contains the full name of the package, which includes the OTX document.
  • Docu­ment (required)
    Contains the name of the document to be imported OTX.
  • Pre­fix (required)
    Free name that identifies the imported document. It is represented in all accesses to the imported document.

Checker rules

Core_Chk003 No dead import links
Core_Chk004 No unused imports
Core_Chk006 Match of imported document's data model version

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