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This XSD complex type is designed for declaring Exception identifiers. In OTX, there are two types of exceptions – the implicit and the explicit exceptions


AmbiguousCallException Exception for an indirect procedure call
AmbiguousSemanticException More than one object with the same semantic attribute
ArithmeticException An arithmetic operation failed
BlackBoxException Super class for all exceptions in BlackBox library
CommunicationException Exception for communication problems with a device
ConcurrentModificationException Exception for collection value of a for-each-loop
ConfigurationException Exception for problems with configurations
DataTypeException Super class for all exceptions in DataType library
DeviceException Out close to gauge problems
DiagComException General failure within the DiagCom library
DiagDataBrowsingPlusException General failure within the DiagDataBrowsingPlus library
EventPlusException Super class for all exceptions in EventPlus library
Exception Super class for all exceptions
FileAccessException Exception when the file is not accessible
FileException Super class for all exceptions in the File library
FileFormatException Exception when the file format is not expected
FileLockException Exception when a file is locked
FileNotFoundException Exception when a denoted file has not been found
FileOpenException Exception when an error occurs, while opening a file
FileSaveException Exception when an error occurs during file saving
FlashException Super class for all exceptions in the Flash extension
HmiException Super class for all exceptions in the HMI library
i18nException Super class of all exceptions in the i18n library
IncompleteParameterizationException Exception when the request parameter has been set that didn't have a default value
InvalidConversionException Exception for non-equivalent units
InvalidMeasurementException Exception when receiving an invalid measurement of a meter
InvalidParameterizationException Parameter does not match the template
InvalidReferenceException Access to an invalid value
InvalidStateException Exception when the repeated execution is invalid
InvalidTypeException Exception when an element has not the expected type
JobException Super class for all exceptions in job library
LossOfComException No communication with the control unit
MeasureException Super class for all exceptions in the measure library
NotSupportedException Exception when the underlying runtime system (MVCI-Server) does not support this operation
OutOfBoundsException Invalid memory access
PersistenceException Super class for all exceptions in Persistence library
PersistenceSaveException Exception when storage of the persistence information was not possible
QuantityException Base type for all exceptions in the quantities library
ScreenException Exception for problems in the processing of user-defined screens
ServicePreconditionException Exception for unfulfilled requirement
StringFormatException Exception when the given format string is invalid
StringUtilException Super class for all exceptions in the StringUtil library
TypeMismatchException Operation with incompatible types
UnknownComChannelException Response-handle can be assigned to any communication channel
UnknownResponseException Response from the control unit was not mapped
UnknownTargetException Non-existent or unknown object in the runtime Diagnostics
UnknownUnitException Exception for unknown unit
UnsupportedEncodingException Encoding not supported
UnsupportedFormatException Exception when the flash file format is not supported
UnsupportedLocaleException Target locale is not supported by the runtime system
UserException User-definable exception
UtilException Super class for all exceptions in the Util library
XmlChangeException Exception when the manipulation of an xml element failed
XmlException Super class for all exceptions in the Xml library
XmlFormatException Exception when the XML string is not expected
XPathException Exception when the XPath is not expected