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OTX Viewer

Ana­ly­sis of pro­ject struc­tu­re and sequences in brow­ser

The OTX View­er ena­bles the user to repre­sent stan­dards-based OTX pro­jects gra­phi­cal­ly without the Open Test Fra­me­work. The view­er is pro­vi­ded as a Fire­fox addon and must be instal­led only in the brow­ser. It sup­ports a sim­ple and a detai­led view. The sim­ple view pro­vi­des an over­view, the detai­led view pro­vi­des vir­tual­ly all ele­ments of the OTX pro­ject struc­tu­re.


Are­as of app­li­ca­tion

With the OTX View­er, pro­jects can be trans­fe­red to custo­mers who don't have OTX deve­lop­ment envi­ron­ment and also don't want to chan­ge the­se sequences. Together with the OTX Run­ti­me API the­se sequences can be ana­ly­zed and exe­cu­ted.

Main func­ti­ons

  • Loa­ding OTX or PTX files
  • Gra­phi­cal cver­view of the pro­ject struc­tu­re of a PTX pro­ject with all packa­ges, docu­ments, pro­ce­du­res and pro­ce­du­re calls
  • Click on a docu­ment or a pro­ce­du­re to open the docu­ment or pro­ce­du­re in a new tab
  • Spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons are dis­played in sim­ple mode as a tool­tip
  • Click on a pro­ce­du­re call, the asso­cia­ted pro­ce­du­re is high­ligh­ted
  • Dis­play details of PTX con­tents (index.xml)
  • Gra­phi­cal repre­sen­ta­tion of OTX sequences in the same desi­gn as the Open Test Fra­me­work
  • Dis­play infor­ma­tion of vir­tual­ly all OTX ele­ments in detail (sim­ple view, detai­led view)
  • Dis­play unknown OTX exten­si­ons

Sys­tem pre­re­qui­si­tes

PC requi­re­ment

Sco­pe of deli­ve­ry


  • OTX View­er Licen­se is requi­red, see fea­tu­re matrix
  • Eva­lua­tion licen­se (the view­er runs in eva­lua­tion mode without licen­se. In eva­lua­tion mode, the­re is no func­tio­nal restric­ti­ons except that it is poin­ted out in the hea­der area.)

Instal­la­tion packa­ges

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    25 October 2014
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    27 October 2014
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