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Inde­pen­dent pro­ces­sing of OTX sequences

The OTX API is a pro­gram­ming inter­fa­ce for the pro­ces­sing of OTX pro­jects in own app­li­ca­ti­ons easi­ly and inde­pen­dent­ly without Open Test Fra­me­work. The­re are nahe­zu the same func­ti­ons availa­ble as in the OTF (without com­fort fea­tu­res). The essen­tial func­ti­ons of the API are loa­ding OTX pro­jects or indi­vi­dual files, editing the pro­ject struc­tu­re and the pro­ces­sing of sequences.


Are­as of app­li­ca­tion

The OTX API can be used eve­r­y­pla­ce, whe­re new OTX-pro­ject struc­tu­res is crea­ted or OTX sequences have to be edi­ted. Users, who don't have OTX deve­lop­ment envi­ron­ment, can use the essen­tial func­ti­ons of an OTX deve­lop­ment envi­ron­ment in their own pro­grams.

Main func­ti­ons

  • Brow­se the pro­ject struc­tu­re to deter­mi­ne the packa­ges, docu­ments, pro­ce­du­res and para­me­ters
  • Vali­da­te OTX pro­jects and return a List of self explai­ning errors
  • Add, dele­te, and edit vir­tual­ly all OTX ele­ments such as packa­ges, docu­ments, pro­ce­du­res, para­me­ters and acti­vi­ties
  • Edit the pro­ject set­tings for dif­fe­rent OTX exten­si­ons like Diag­Com, HMI, I18n, Log­ging and Quan­ti­ties

Sys­tem pre­re­qui­si­tes

PC requi­re­ment

  • PC with Win­dows XP SP2 or hig­her (also 64-Bit)
  • .NET Fra­me­work 4.0

Sco­pe of deli­ve­ry

Sco­pe of deli­ve­ry


  • Run­ti­me licen­se is requi­red, see fea­tu­re matrix
  • Eva­lua­tion licen­se (the API always runs in eva­lua­tion mode without run­ti­me licen­se. In eva­lua­tion mode, the­re are no restric­ti­ons of func­tio­na­li­ties except, that a splash screen is dis­played at each start)

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