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Emo­ti­ve is an inde­pen­dent expert for auto­mo­ti­ve dia­gno­stic sys­tems. Our goal is to offer our custo­mers soft­wa­re at the hig­he­st level of qua­li­ty, inno­va­tion and app­li­ca­bi­li­ty as a tech­ni­cal lea­der in OTX app­li­ca­ti­ons based on inter­na­tio­nal stan­dards. Emo­ti­ve sup­ports their custo­mers to imple­ment their dia­gno­stic con­cepts through con­sul­ting, trai­ning and custom deve­lop­ments.

Emo­ti­ve is a foun­ding mem­ber of the Auto­mo­ti­ve Engi­nee­ring Tool Allian­ce: AETA-RICE. The com­pa­nies RA Con­sul­ting, Intre­pid, Car­Me­di­aL­ab and EMO­TI­VE intend to ope­ra­te glo­bal­ly in an allian­ce, and within the fra­me­work of a legal­ly bin­ding agree­ment, to crea­te a Tool Allian­ce (TA) of ven­dors of state-of-the-art tools for Auto­mo­ti­ve Elec­tro­nics deve­lop­ment, which are based strict­ly on stan­dards for mea­su­re­ment, dia­gno­stics and cali­bra­tion stan­dards from ISO, ASAM and SAE. AETA RICE employs over 100 auto­mo­ti­ve elec­tro­nics engi­neers ser­ving more than 250 regu­lar custo­mers world­wi­de.

EMO­TI­VE current­ly employs 12 expe­ri­enced devel­opers who work at 100% in the envi­ron­ment of OTX/ODX. The most import­ant refe­rence custo­mers are Volks­wa­gen AG, the Euro­pean Space Agen­cy (ESA) and Por­sche AG.

EMO­TI­VE is active­ly invol­ved in the stan­dar­di­za­tion in the field of OTX (ASAM, ISO). EMO­TI­VE is a mem­ber of ASAM e.V.


Dr.-Ing. Jörg Supke

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    26 October 2014
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